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Hydraulic gear pumps are commonly used in various industrial and mobile applications due to their relatively simple design, high efficiency, and ability to generate high pressures. However, they may produce more noise compared to other types of hydraulic pumps, such as vane pumps or piston pumps. Additionally, their efficiency can decrease significantly at higher pressures and speeds. Regular maintenance and monitoring are necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity of hydraulic gear pumps in hydraulic systems.


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  • Item Code: IP4020
  • Delivery Time: 2 DAYS
  • Packaging Details: CARTON BOX
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Item Code GEAR PUMP 1P 4020
Displacement 8.9-10.5
Operating Pressure 3000 BAR
I Deal In New Only
Country of Origin Made in India

Discharge: The fluid is then expelled from the outlet side of the pump under pressure, ready to be used in various hydraulic applications.


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